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The largest dump truck in the world Belaz 75710 in operation lifting A road of 450 tons

Belaz is a finalist for the 2014 Swedish steel prize for creating the largest dump truck in the world with a steerable axle and body components made of high-strength steel. With a payload of 450 tons, the Belaz 75710 dump truck is 25% more productive than the next largest dump truck in the company and has a lower environmental effect per load. It can function at about 5000 meters above sea level and in temperatures as low as -60C.

The swivel carriage, a part of the truck suspension system that connects the axle and the frame with a slewing bearing, was made of high-strength steel in order to reach such a high capacity. When we started talking about the movable suspension, Chief of the suspension design engineering department at Belaz, we realized that high-strength steel was the best option. Four-wheel drive and four tires in both the front and rear were specified in the design, necessitating a new suspension system.

The Swedish Steel Prize Jury chose Belaz as a finalist for the 2014 Swedish Steel Prize because: “Belaz has created the largest dump truck in the world, which has significant benefits in terms of productivity and fuel economy, by employing Advanced High Strength Steel paired with a novel design. The axle suspension uses Weldox high-strength structural steel to decrease thickness while yet supporting the heavy axle loads. A low center of gravity and equal load distribution between the front and rear wheels have improved stability and safety. Hardox wear plates are also used in the body to reduce impact dents and abrasive wear.

The Swedish Steel Prize, which was first given out in 1999, aims to promote high-strength steel utilization in the creation of lighter, safer, and more environmentally friendly goods. A trophy designed by Jörg Jeschke and a stipend of SEK 100,000 will be awarded to the Swedish Steel Prize winner. The prize presentation is a part of a three-day event that will include lectures and site tours at SSAB for some 600 international representatives from the steel and manufacturing industries.

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