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Intorex CNC Lathe TMC 1500 – Wood turning lathe

The TMC 1500 can create a variety of turned and profiled parts including columns, pillars, stair balusters, chair legs, table legs, couch legs, etc. The entire mechanized process of turning, milling, drilling, and sanding in one operation results in 30 percent more efficient and adaptable manufacturing.

A powerful, quick-setup CNC woodturning lathe that can manage three axes in addition to the headstock. The machine has two independent ᴄᴏᴘiers/cutting gouges that are controlled by the CNC, a mechanical unit for “rounding,” and a pneumatic semi-automatic loading mechanism. Additionally, two rear hydraulic dowel units are standard.

The pre-installed Windows-based Intorex “Intoredit” software that is pre-loaded on the machine provides user-friendly programming. Programming can be done on the machine controller or on a distant PC or laptop using a USB key to transfer the programs. The CNB produces beautifully defined and high-quality turned components. Short manufacturing runs and one-off custom turnings are perfect applications. For fluting, twisting, or sanding the head with a thin belt, a specific CNC milling head can be requested.

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