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Combo 5-axis CNC Cylinder head & Block machining center: The Centroid A 560 port/Block

The CENTROID A560 and the A560XL engine shop CNC Machining Centers are comprehensive turn-key systems that, while offering our customers expert training and assistance, significantly outperform competing for CNC porting machines in many ways. With CENTROID’s cutting-edge technology, you can use a single machine to produce engine blocks and cylinder heads with remarkable tolerances and surface finishes. The most potent race-winning engines on the market are produced by our customer’s thanks to a mix of accuracy, repeatability, training, and support.

CNC machine blocks and blueprints with the A560 or A590! Short periods between cylinder head and block changes. Using the same machine, cutting-edge CENTROID technology produces precise results on both cylinder heads and blocks. Three machines in one: a CNC machining center, a CNC engine block, and a CNC cylinder head. The turn-key block solution comes with on-site training and all the specialized tooling required to begin milling blocks. Drafting, boring, surfacing, 4 bolt main conversions, block lightening, engraving, lifter bore/counterbore, crank/rod clarence, drilling, rigid tapping, and a 24-pocket automatic tool changer are some of the services offered.

Utilize the same machine and control software to both digitize and cut. No additional software or CMM machine is required to digitize in the future. For digitizing, the same configuration menus are utilized for cutting. An innovative time-saving feature of CENTROID that outperforms the competition is the actual 5-axis Digitizing ᴍᴇᴛʜOD. The digitization of the CENTROID 5-axis intake and exhaust ports is quick and precise, with no comparison to the 3-axis patch ᴍᴇᴛʜOD.

The DP-4 probe from CENTROID and its accompanying software were created exclusively for digitizing combustion chambers, exhaust ports, and intake ports. This proprietary probe has unique capabilities intended only for replicating cylinder heads. For the most precise and effective outcomes, ᴄᴏᴘy resolution can be easily specified by users. The probe is used to duplicate your custom forms, but it also uses the same probe to set the Head zero locations on the fixture. You may save time and simplify setup with quick, accurate, automatic part configuration.

Ultra-accurate, made in the USA, with a stainless steel body and cutting-edge, patented electronics. Check out this 5-axis CNC machining center for cylinder heads and blocks.

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