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Caterpillar 6060 face Shovel loading Autonomous Trucks

A shovel that not only produces, but also works harder and lasts longer is the Next Generation Cat® 6060 Hydraulic Mining Shovel, which combines everything you love about the 6060 with everything you expect from Caterpillar.

The 6060 is designed specifically for mines using 227 tonne (250 tonne) haul trucks and has a rated payload of 61 tonnes (67 tons). It offers an effective 4-pass solution to satisfy production capacity in these settings. The modern 6060 is still the best shovel for these situations since it has increased durability and dependability to provide the uptime you require. Higher productivity and lower overall ownership and running expenses are the outcomes.

In order to give better performance and dependability, the Next Generation 6060 is fully integrated with tried-and-true electronics, standard designs and componentry, and communication features. The advantage of Caterpillar translates into simplified maintenance and improved uptime, and like all Cat equipment, the 6060 is supported by the Cat dealer network, providing seamless and unmatched support.

The Next Generation 6060 enhances fuel efficiency up to 15% when using a face shovel and 5% when using a backhoe, thanks to improvements to the hydraulic system and other features. By using less fuel and making other substantial upgrades to the Cat 3512E, the 6060’s engine life is extended by 10%, necessitating one less engine overhaul over the course of 60,000 hours.

Modern operator’s cabs were developed by operators for operators in order to give them a safe, comfortable, and productive environment that allows them to work harder and stay out longer. Class-leading visibility is provided by a wider front glass, an integrated floor window, unimpeded vistas, and an optional camera monitoring system. The 6060’s design goal was to reduce cost per ton, and among the many elements included in the cab layout that boost operator productivity is increased visibility.

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