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Moving A massive caterpillar 794 AC Dump truck – Amazing machine in the world

The largest truck ever is the Caterpillar 794. You won’t likely ever see one, though, unless you work in a mine. That’s unfortunate since this is the real deal—a vehicle designed for a massive, challenging duty in the real world, not a goofy truck built on a Kenworth chassis. Although mining may seem the complete antithesis of show business, this truck has plenty of star power.

As we approach the two prototype 794s in the yard of Caterpillar’s The two prototype 794s in the yard of Caterpillar’s Arizona training facility appear to be of an alien scale as we get ᴄʟᴏsᴇr to them. They tower over the 240 ton 793C, which used to be Cat’s largest truck, at 23 feet 9 inches tall when the dump dodies are fown and 49 feet 3 inches when they are tilled up. The back of one will protrude eight inches past half-court if you nose the front end of it up to an NBA backboard. Park the right side eight feet past the three-point line at 30 feet wide, while the left side should be parallel to the basket.

However, most gym floors aren’t reinforced to support their 560000 pound weight when they’re empty, much less the 1280000 pound weight when they’re weighed down by 360 tons of pebbles and dirt. The 117-liter, V-24, quad-turbo diesel’s 12,170 pound-feet of torque also means that each 797 could lift Madison Square Garden off its ground and drag it across Manhattan and into the East River.

The machines designed to crack apart the Earth have gotten bigger and bigger, which is why the 797 is this massive. The vehicles designed to move things were rated at four shovelsul when the largest shovels in the world were scooping up the planet in 60 ton scoops. Today’s shovels weigh 90 to 100 tons, and productive mine owners require trucks that can haul 360 to 400 tons. The 797 can therefore accept loads up to 400 tons while having a nominal load rating of 360 tons. And 120 Ford trips weigh around 400 tons. The vehicles will expand once shovels do.

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