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AFE -2D6 Ultra CNC wire bender – World’s Fastest Wire Bending

Automatic Wire Bending Machines are one of the most important pieces of equipment in the engineering and metal sectors. They are extremely useful for cutting, bending, measuring length, and straightening wires and tubes. It would be the world’s quickest bender. Metal wires are bent by it quickly and impressively! This bender offers some combination of feeding, scaling, bending, straightening extension, counting, and cutting. Additionally, it can swiftly produce various measurements and caliper sizes that are ideal and fulfill the specifications needed for industrial applications.

The AGE-2D6 is created with the standards and features that all industrial users may need. A feeder module and a bending module are present. The mounted computer system synchronizes and controls the modules. With the fastest overall production speeds in the sector, each module offers its unique operation. Easy programming, strong engineering, increased liability, and the most affordable courses. Along with threading, pressing, chamfering, drilling, and other accessories, it also has additional accessories.

Outstanding accuracy and reproducibility when feeding wire directly from the coil. While production is running, a user can perform programming independently. We can test the programmed process before starting production thanks to its simulation. remote offline programming requires specialized software or network hardware. For data input operations, it has a color touch screen monitor and an industrial-grade sealed keyboard. For high tension wires with a capacity of more than 4 mm, the bending job is completed by a double-acting hydraulic cutting system.

According to the technical specifications, the entire structure is small, easy to use, and highly productive. It is a labor-saving device that uses a quick and potent microcontroller to automatically operate servo motors. It offers low failure rates and technical quality. The demand for bending across the different industries is extremely diverse.

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