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1946 diesel engine has been sleeping for 30 years. Watch it roar back to life

There’s a 12-foot-tall engine sitting in the backyard, and it has been patiently waiting there for nearly 30 years. It won’t run, right? Amazingly enough, this engine roars to life like it hadn’t missed a single day of work, despite the 30 years it actually sat out in the open without even a protective cover!
The power of this antique diesel engine shows just how tough and durable it really is. It takes no time at all for the guys in this video below to get it running. The engine is quickly purring like a kitten.

Who made this beast?
The engine is an Enterprise DSG-36, manufactured by Enterprise Engine and Foundry, out of San Francisco. The company quickly became known for their diesel engines, particularly the heavy four-stroke cycle diesel motors that performed at medium speeds. These engines typically were used by the marine, powering navy ships. The Enterprise Engine and Foundry existed until 1924, when it was acquired by another entity.
Meet the Enterprise DSG-36
The DSG-36 is a 6-cylinder four-cycle diesel with a 15-inch stroke and a 12-inch bore. The displacement is somewhere around 10,000 cubic inches. This beast puts out 600 horsepower when the engine spins at 600 rpm. If you add a turbocharger, you can get 900 horsepower easily.

During World War II, the U.S. government had a lock on these engines and they were in high demand by the military and marine services. The durability promised by the Enterprise Engine and Foundry Company proved to be true, since this beast started right up after 30 years of being dormant.
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